What I bought from Primark

Hey Lovelies ❤ ,

FINALLY , I found some time to write another post for you guys ❤ , I’ve been so busy with school stuff 😭.  Anyways , if you follow me on Instagram , you might know that I spent last weekend shopping in Liverpool and boy oh boy did I shop ! 🤫🤫🤫

I don’t mind admitting it , Primark has to be one of my all time favourite places to shop. It certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea , but for me , it’s a shopping experience incomparable with any other, that’s for sure!

Primark’s seriously low prices and tendency to stock knock-off versions of high street looks at a fraction of the price means it’s always been a student favourite , like myself 🛍🛍🛍


IMG_27811. Makeup 💄💋

To be honest with you , I never used to give much importance to the make-up section in Primark before.Nowadays it’s a must to check out what they got in stock ! They are of good quality and you can find items which are as good as the branded makeup you usually use.

I also watched some vlogger’s reviews on youtube who were surprised about how amazin’ their quality is ( type “primark makeup” in youtube and see for yourself ).

IMG_28102. Accessories🎀

I always get carried away in the accessories’ section. If you happen to be next to me while I’m shopping in this section , you’ll most probably hear me say the word “cute” for a trillion times 😂😂😂

IMG_27853. Belts💞

My new OBSESSION ❤ ❤

AND I cannot get over how much the black belt looks like the famous GUCCI belt. I was so happy to purchase it , especially when knowing I cannot afford the real one 🤩🤓

IMG_27694. Bags 👛👜👝

One too many?😍

IMG_27735. Body Mists 🧚🏽‍♀️

I never have enough body mists😇

IMG_28066. Heeled Boots 👢

I got these for 3 pounds each (😮😮😮) and I’m in love with their details.

IMG_27937. Jackets / Coats🧣

I forgot that I had a luggage weight limit when I purchased these 🤭🤭😇! But in case you’re wondering, I had no problems while checking-in at the airport haha.

IMG_28048. Sweaters🌻

IMG_27899. Pinafores🌞

(Must haves ! , especially for warmer days ❤ )

IMG_279210. Bralettes🌈

How cute are these bralettes ? ❤ ❤

That’s all guys ,

You’ll surely see me wearing some of these items in my future outfit posts , so stay tuned ❤

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

Lots of Love ,



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