Wardrobe Update

Hey thereeeee beauties !

It’s been a while since I posted here and I have lots to tell you. To start off with, I recently updated my wardrobe as it was full of things which I don’t wear anymore. I always find this task (a wardrobe update) hard to accomplish because of mainly one particular reason, which is me believing that I might need ‘that top’ or ‘those jeans’ for one particular occasion one day (which never seems to happen).

”U le, ahjar ma nnehhihx dan ghax jaf xi darba nigi bzonnu !”

Has it ever happened to you? Anyways, this time I felt in desperate need for a change and gave away the clothes and shoes to a charity shop. Obviously, what came next after this process was the urge to shop for new stuff . Lately , athleisure is a trend which has taken over the fashion scene. Personally, I am obsessed about it. It is a fashion trend that combines athletic clothing with comfort and style. It’s the favourite wardrobe addition of coolios and bloggers everywhere and I love how versatile this trend is. When searching for these type of clothes in shops, I couldn’t help but go mad at BERSHKA. This shop has been on my A-list since forever but this time they have really outdone themselves. I ended up spending more than I had planned however I don’t regret it because as I told you before, I was determined to turn my wardrobe around.

I mostly purchased over-sized jumpers and jackets which I think are so cool. In addition to this, I also got a few cargo pants which have been on my wish-list for some time now. In this blog post , I’ll be featuring one of these pants. I styled it with a black cropped turtle neck , a leather cross-body bag and black pointed toe boots. What’s so great about outfits like these, is you can change it to a more casual way just by wearing trainers instead of heels and you will look just as stylish.

Hope you will like this look.

Much love

x x x


Outfit Details :

Turtle Neck – Terranova

Cargo Pants – Bershka

Leather Bag – Primark

Pointed Toe Boots – Dylon’s (Malta)

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